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Master of training and specialization
Yoga Alliance®-Italia International RPYS 100 hours


100 online hours

Master 100 hours
Available in online formula
Recorded contents, fully visible asynchronously
Continuous teaching assistance with tutors for the 6 months of training

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at yoga teachers, doules, midwives and nursing homes, parents, psychologists and all those involved in supporting pregnant women and in the period after childbirth.

The Master

The training is online, the contents (video lessons and teaching material) are recorded and available asynchronously. The training is certified 100 hours Yoga Alliance Italia / International (including theoretical lessons, laboratories, annual conference, final thesis and individual study). Continuous didactic support with a dedicated tutor is included.


Always available online.


The unscheduled delivery

by Margaretha Tosi-Lesman
Connecting with yourself is a gift, not only for the woman who lives the experience of motherhood but for the whole family system. Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood irreversibly change the balance of women; the doula’s job is to understand these changes and accompany them by creating a space for each mother with her baby. A path of awareness to understand how to help women and mothers.

Towards the Mother

by Luz Amparo
Women’s group that help every expectant mother understand how to create contact between being a Woman and the Life that is growing inside of her.

Philosophy of birth and preparation

by Annalisa Guarnieri
The path of preparation for birth and the dialogue on the major issues that underlie motherhood, as an event of transformation in the life of the woman.


by Federica Palatella
Yoga practices for mothers with babies to regain well-being and balance in post partum and live motherhood with serenity in the relationship with oneself and in the relationship with one’s child: a communication that passes through contact, gaze, touch, sharing, in an exclusive moment between mother and child.

Ayurveda and Massage

by Kapil Nhardwaj & Andrea Scalvnezi
The vision of Ayurveda in pregnancy and massage for the pregnant woman

Mindfulness in pregnancy

by Lorena Pajalunga
MBI protocol for birth and parenting, during pregnancy and in the puerperium. Yoga, meditation and relaxation with particular attention to the emotions that the expectant mother and the new mother experience in this delicate and full of strong and contrasting emotions, period.

Preparation for childbirth

by Elisa Binotti
Preparation for childbirth, breath and pregnancy, voice and carnatic chant, yoga positions, evocative visualizations, active and passive relaxation, touch and massage

Giocayoga at the nursery

by Alessandra De Salvo
The setting, the games, the entrance and farewell rituals, everything that favors interaction between peers and sociality in the place where the child’s first forms of contact and social interaction take place.

Yoga and Woman

by Marialaura Bonfanti
Yoga practices and yoga therapy related to women in all its complexity: childbirth, menstrual cycles, up to menopause

Obstetric Art

by Valeria Conti
The care and health of the mother and the child: education and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor; childbirth in all its forms, at home and in hospital; the figure of the doula; breastfeeding and infant massage.

MYND & CO project

by Niccolò Giovannini
Presentation of the innovative Mynd & co protocol of the Mangiagalli Clinic in Linica, Milan, which measures the synergies and effectiveness of an integrated approach to pregnancy, mediated by the intervention of various disciplines including clinical nutrition, “bionatural” sciences such as osteopathy, yoga, coaching, mindfulness.

Outline of neonatal osteopathy

by Elena Rizzuti
In pediatric osteopathy, delicate manipulative techniques are used to bring about profound changes within the child’s body. The resulting rebalancing allows the nervous system, the immune system, the muscular system, the circulatory system to function in harmony.

Baby Signs

by Serena Decarli
Presentation of the Baby Signs® program which proposes the use of signs with your children before they learn to speak, to facilitate the learning of verbal language and strengthen the parent-child bond.

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