GiocaYogaCare® | 100 hours Yoga Alliance International

The course is aimed at: yoga and non-yoga teachers, psychologists, therapists, clinicians,  teachers of all levels (with teacher bonuses recognized by MIUR pursuant to directive 170/2016),  parents, educators and all the figures involved in the support to children with special needs.

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Giocayogacare Yoga per bambini con bisogni speciali

Course recognized by MIUR in accordance with the directive 170/2016 – AIYB for school

GiocaYogaCare®: Educational structure

The training is organized in 5 weekends of 16 hours each, divided into Saturday and Sunday, for a  total of 100 hours (including theoretical lessons, practical simulations, preparation of the final  thesis, national conference and personal study) with presentation of WRITTEN INDIVIDUAL OR  GROUP PAPER to be delivered and discussed in a dedicated session.

The training is recognized Yoga Alliance Italia / International RCYS.

Training contents

The five training weekends will illustrate the benefits of yoga for children with special needs,  investigating the PEDAGOGICAL PREREQUISITES of the practice, its physical, emotional, energetic,  relational implications and finally entering into the specifics of the methodology and techniques to  be used with children according to MACRO- LEVELS OF TYPE LESSONS.

The course will review the various types of childhood problems (physical, cognitive, emotional,  behavioral) focusing in particular on the analysis and management of PAIN, on the relational and  practical implications of CAREGIVING, on TRAUMA, on relationships with the educational figures  involved in disability (family members, therapists, teachers, doctors) and on manipulation  techniques for children with special needs, providing a set of skills enabling direct practice.

The training will also address issues concerning the INCLUSION and SCHOOL DESIGN of yoga  practices for special needs, yoga oriented to SENSORY DEFICITS, AUTISM, B.E.S., the  declination of normality in the most common personality traits as well as in HIGH SENSITIVITY  and PLUS EQUIPMENT.

The fifth weekend will include the annual AIYB Yoga National Convention and will be dedicated to  deepening the yoga activity in ROLE-PLAYING simulation and INDIVIDUAL ADJUSTMENT with  direct correction by the teacher, in order to experiment as a couple, in small group and individually,  the main INTERACTIVE DYNAMICS and the specificities of WORK ON THE BODY in the yoga  practice aimed at children with special needs.

During the same weekend, the discussion of the papers in the form of individual or group  WRITTEN DRAWINGS and the delivery of the certifications will be scheduled.

The training requires a minimum previous basic knowledge of yoga practice.

How to access the course

The training will take place entirely live online and video-recorded to be eventually accessible  remotely in real time and at an unchanged cost, only in the event of proven difficulties in accessing  the face-to-face mode. The fifth final weekend of the training will take place in double formula live  and live with a practical laboratory in presence. In addition, the following will be available as pre recorded content and visible at any time on the AIYB School platform:

  • The Symbolic Child with Prof. Marco Dallari
  • The Giocayoga Method with Lorena Pajalunga

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