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Uzbekistan: Trip to the fairy tale of the East

7 days/ 6 nights > Autumn 2022

Tashkent > Urgench > Khiva > Bukhara > Shakhrisabz > Samarcanda

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Le cupole turchesi, oro, spezie, seta…
ci parlano del lusso dell'Asia Centrale, Samarcanda, Bukhara.

Dai palazzi ai caravanserragli, dalle moschee ai mausolei, un viaggio in Uzbekistan è un’opportunità per conoscere la storia e il patrimonio culturale del paese, per vedere con i propri occhi le città leggendarie di Bukhara, Samarcanda e Khiva, per conoscere gloriose civiltà del passato.


Tashkent, il cui aspetto architettonico sorprende per la convivenza armoniosa di edifici medievali e costruzioni ultra moderne.
Khiva, città carovaniera per eccellenza, senza pari in tutta l’Asia centrale per la sua forma urbanistica.
Bukhara, città santuario dell’Asia centrale, la cui storia secolare è strettamente intrecciata con la storia della Via della Seta.
Shahrisabz, il luogo di nascita di Amir Temur.
Samarcanda, una città con 2750 anni. Qualunque siano gli epiteti che filosofi e poeti hanno inventato per questa città – lo Specchio del Mondo, il Giardino dell’Anima, la Perla d’Oriente, il Volto della Terra – è forse impossibile esprimere a parole tutta la sua bellezza e ricchezza.


AIYB actively supports the activities and initiatives in support and protection of the Tashi Orphan School in Kathmandu.

The Butterfly Onlus Foundation was born on November 19, 2002 (No. 359 RPG prefettura Forlì-Cesena) by the will of a father who decided to change the priorities of his existence following the untimely death of a daughter, her name was Sibylle. In recent years, many parents who had lost their children have decided to build a water well or a school classroom in their child’s name somewhere in the world, often managing to restore meaning to their existence or at least start living again.

Despite the considerable number of projects carried out, the foundation is made up of a few people.

In 2005, the Tashi Orphan School project for orphaned children of Kathmandu was implemented.

Here, in addition to the courses of the elementary and middle classes, the Tibetan language is taught to about 180 children and board and lodging guaranteed for more than one hundred and forty pupils. Helping means allowing children to grow in knowledge, away from any kind of physical and spiritual oppression.

Supporting Tibetan children means giving a chance … for growth, life and love. For information on help options, visit the websites:


My Tibetan children live the authority expressed with a smile, they feel the value of culture (which for them is also a need for survival and the manifestation of belonging), the deep ritual meaning of a gesture, the value of time marked from a prayer.

I brought with me, together with their smiles, the sweet sound of voices repeating complicated mantras sent by heart and I am aware that I have received much more than I have been able to give and that this splendid experience cannot represent a sporadic and unrepeatable moment of my life.

Now I know that in every moment of my life they exist and I feel with me all of them, the 150 Tibetan children of the Tashi Boarding School, I know that I will use all my strength to ensure that these beautiful children – without any document and therefore “administratively” do not exist – may they continue to witness and defend their culture by teaching us, every day, the extraordinary beauty of life.

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Lorena V. Pajalunga

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