vanaprastha lo Ypga della saggezza

50 hours in person / online

With Vanaprastha Aiyb grows and looks at that age group in which, while acquiring the wisdom of living, commitments and “duties” towards the family and society are reduced, and men and women are all called to welcome an important change and to accept a new phase of life in a serene and conscious way. It is the time to dedicate yourself to the search for yourself, to make peace with the most complex experiences of your life, to dance with the before and with the after.

As Yoga teachers, acquiring the skills to accompany people on this path can be fascinating and extremely educational: this is why Vanaprastha was born!

Pre-registration open for Vanaprastha 2022-2023

Vanaprashta | Specialization Master for Yoga Teaching in the Silver Years

How does Vanaprastha take place?

3 training weekends in mixed online and face-to-face formula, 50 h Yoga Alliance Italia / International.
Dedicated online platform


Lo Yoga della Wisdom
with Carlo Chiopris

Mindfullness & Compassion
with Lorena Paialunga and Flaminia Morin

Yoga for Women
with Beatrice Iulini

Third Age Psichology
with Vincenzo Tallarico

Vanaprashta: the Age of Grace
with Alessandra De Salvo

Ayurveda and massage
with Andrea Scalvenzi

Assisted Yoga / Lazy Yoga
with Lorena Paialunga – Federica Palatella

Art Therapy
with Silvia Vavassori

Anatomy, Phisiology and Nutrition in Change
with Melissa Virginia Colombo

Meetings 2021-2022

Vanaprashta 2021/2022

November the 19th, 2021 online
November the 20th, 2021 online/in person
November the 21st, 2021 online

December the 17th, 2021 online
December the 18th, 2021 online/in person
December the 19th, 2021 online/in person

January the 15th, 2022 online/in person
January the 16th, 2022 online/in person

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